Taenelle pic_edited.jpg
Hi! I'm Taenelle!

I am a freelance makeup artist living in Coquitlam, BC who has always been obsessed with makeup, fashion, music, modelling, puppies, and (a little odd but) crochet!

I grew up in a small town of Bethune in Saskatchewan and always had big dreams to do something incredible. From crocheting in sweats watching Netflix with my husband and dog by my side, to working at a dream company Hillberg & Berk doing makeup for their campaigns as well as working full time as a Demand Planning & Procurement Manager, to becoming a diva in front of the camera if need be, to being apart of someone's special day and probably crying with them as they have the big reveal! 


I feel like I have finally found a passion that is close to my heart in order to provide the service that makes everyone feel even more beautiful than they already are, where ever they are.